Puma Universal Force Football – 5 from Flipkart at Rs 549 – 3 Color


Puma Universal Force Football of Size 5 is now available from flipkart.com at just Rs 549 . It is running with 3 different colors perfectly for a match.

How to buy Puma Universal Force Football :

  • Click to buy¬†Puma Universal Force Football here.
  • Click on Buy Now.
  • Make Payment.


Key Features :

  • Reduced Seam Stress.
  • Latex Bladder.
  • Designed for Training.
  • Perfectly Round Shape.

To add power and quality to your shots, Puma being one of the top brands has designed this high quality Universal Force Football to amp up your performance level.

Designed for Training

Make your training sessions more effective with the help of this football that trains you on delivering precision-driven shots.

Latex Bladder

Exceptionally made to provide a top quality feel, this football constructed from latex bladder offers a soft feel and adds great power to your strikes.

Reduced Seamstress

The Universal Force Football comes with panels that are equally surfaced to provide reduced seamstress.

Perfectly Round Shape

Offering lasting durability, this football with a perfect round shape boosts your performance and enables you to make impactful shots.

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Rs 1099
Rs 549