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Deepika Dewan

As a social animal, a human is always on the look-out for something new every day. Something that brings a bit of spice, innovaton and a nice flavour too. Groupon.co.in brings sensational Puro E-Cigarette – 6 Flavors that bring the taste and zest in living without any side effects.


Available in 6 awesome flavours – Menthol, Blueberry, Vanilla, Coffee, Clove and Cuban, the Puro E-Cigarette is a fantastic buy in the Great Online Shopping Festival starting from 11-13 December. You can go puff puff in your favourite flavour out of the 6 options, whether in a group or all by yourself and experience what it takes to smoke a health-friendly alternative to an ordinary cigarette. Its not just a pack of cigarettes to impress the girls or the boys or to whisk off the tensions and worries in life. Puro E-Cigarette – 6 Flavors is a healthy alternative that delivers fine, smoke-like water vapor when it senses pressure. All is well without any hell! Especially when you save Rs 406 on the purchase of Puro E-Cigarette as a part of the ongoing GOSF Deal.

How to get Puro E-Cigarette – 6 Flavors?


No Ash. No Tar. No Smoke. No Smell. Absolutely Disposable E-Cigarette that requires no charging. The Fully Portable & Handy Puro E-Cigarette – 6 Flavors from Groupon has some amazing properties worth knowing and trying.

For the first time user, it would be a delight to find out that the E-cigarette tastes like real hookah without carrying any harmful effects of nicotine, tobacco or harmful 4K chemicals. Which means, it can also be well taken as the ‘taste of health’. Each Puro E-Cigarette lasts for as high as 700 puffs and gives you the benefit of smoking without the uncanny fear of its health side-effects. Like every consumable product, the Puro E-Cigarette has been dutifully tested by NABL and FDA Approved Laboratories in India and USA.

On a laboratory perspective, Puro produces high-end atomizers popularly known as electronic cigarettes which are flavored and contain no nicotine or tobacco. Which is why they taste and feel like real hookah and are easy to use in terms of inhaling. Groupon, a global leader in local commerce, brings this new product as a part of Great Online Shopping Festival 2013 that will help you discover great deals and bargains at unbeatable prices.

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