Quantum QHM 5075 Card Reader at Rs 129 Only – 47% Off + 10% OFF


This Quantum QHM 5075 Card Reader is designed to read the files from the card to the computer. It is also used as USB drive for the files to be transferred from 1 computing device to the other.

Capture  How to buy Quantum QHM 5075 Card Reader at Rs 129 only:

  1. Buy Quantum QHM 5075 Card Readerlink .
  2. For additional 10% off, apply coupon code – july10.
  3. Click on ” buy now”.
  4. This card reader will be delivered at your home in just 3 days.

This Card reader is compatible with computers with window 2000/xp/7 and mac OS X operating systems . This Card reader is extremely beneficial as it is light weight and along with it, operates on high speed USB 2.0 interface. And all this, you get in just at the price of Rs 129. You can take this Quantum QHM 5075 Card Reader anywhere along with you. With this card reader, you can share your data with your friends , or for office use. You can use it with printers as well as with your cameras. So , why you would waste your time making rounds to different shops to bargain on this. Well , forget that now!!  This card reader is a must have in todays life. And you should not waste your time anymore in buying this one. Are you still going to call your friends for these small things? you don’t need to ..anymore . Order online this Quantum QHM Card Reader now. We are also providing you with amazing 10% extra discount over 47 % discount . So that means , you own this card reader in just Rs 129. I bet , your friends surely gonna ask you for this , when they will come to know about your amazing buy.

Product Description:

  • Category: Card reader
  • Brand: Quantum
  • Model ID: QHM 5075
  • Color: Orange
  • Design: Compact Design
  • SD Card: Supported
  • Warranty:1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


2 Responses to “Quantum QHM 5075 Card Reader at Rs 129 Only – 47% Off + 10% OFF”

  1. Chittranjan

    Hello. I simply purchased a USB Memory Card Reader. I tried moving or copying songs from the computer to the USB yet it informs me I can’t because: “The disk is write protected, Remove the write security or utilize another disk”

    How do I remove the write security? Can I?

    Thank we ahead of time to anybody that at least attempts to aid 🙂

  2. Haridas

    My digital photograph frame doesn’t help the memory card I have inside my camera. So, I purchased a card reader & an 8GB photograph card. What do I connect to what? Please offer me the actual steps & I’ll be thus grateful! Thanks!


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