Rajasthan Art Marble Round Watch from GetitBazaar at Flat Rs 499

Deepika Dewan

Antique is vintage. Antique is exclusive. Antique is ethnic. Antique is Rajasthani too. Look at the time on your desk in a unique ethnic way. One that takes you to the artistic land of Rajasthan. Getitbazaar.com brings Rajasthan Art Marble Round Watch. A beautiful piece of work which will have everyone mesmerized! Rajasthan Art Marble Watch is an antique clock in round shape.

Crafted from marble, it is the most stunning artifact that will leave everyone in your works station speechless. The gemstones embedded in the Rajasthani art give it an exotic priceless look. Whenever you have to welcome a senior in your team or say goodbye to a colleague who has worked many years with you, do so by gifting Rajasthan Art Marble Round Watch. It would be a unique way for them to remember you the rest of their life.

How to buy Rajasthan Art Marble Round Watch?

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Office decor is not always about fancy walls and luxurious sofa. It needs an artistic touch to breathe life into the dull space. Grace your living room and your office desk with objects d’art in marble and Rajasthani Art. The size of the clock is small and can fit on your desk with ease and simplicity. The Rajasthani prints take you to the ethnic land that is well-known for its pot pourri of expensive handcrafted artifacts.The marble made watch is perfectly rounded giving it a marvelous look. The purity of the marble can be paired with the richness of gold. A unique artifact and a work of art that is utilitarian and traditional.

Key Features:

  • Product: Rajasthan Art Marble Round Watch 500.
  • Color: Green.
  • Brand: Rajasthan Art Gallery.
  • Manufacture: Rajasthan Art Gallery.


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Rs 499