Rechargeable Electric Shaver For Men Just at Rs 349 Only

Fatima Ansari

How much do you fear cutting into your skin while shaving your beard? Or even worse when the cut is so deep that you need to take stitches. Dealstan brings you the most convenient alternative to your problem. Rechargeable Electric Shaver For Men is now available at just INR 349/- only on

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The battery life of this Rechargeable Shaver For Men is long lasting and very efficient. The charging after been charged, will last for seven and serve for three minutes use per day. Trim it or get rid of the entire beard, this shaver for men is the most handy tool for any man. It is extremely easy to use, all you have to do is stretch your skin a little and shave in against the growing direction of the beard.

Comes with a 3 year warranty against any manufacturing defects. You get the shaver with the electric charger and a case for the charger at just INR 349/-. This Shaver For Men takes a standard of 15 hours to get charged completely. The actual price of this product is INR 999/- so you save a whopping INR 650/-.  Top of Form

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