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Buy two at the price of one. Or buy two and get one free. The 50% discount on recron certified dream pillow lowest price at A long lasting pillow life that gives you the expected comfort from a pillow while you lay on it. One of your most important factor should be the room essentials which also includes your room pillows. Why compromise on it when recron pillows are here that go the mile extra for your comfortness. This product originally cost Rs.799 but you can avail it here for Rs.399 only.

How to buy recron certified dream pillow lowest price:-

  • Recron certified dream pillow lowest price to fulfill all your dreams .
  • Click on buy now.
  • Proceed to payment and make safe and secure payment.

Recron Pillow

Recron certified dream pillow lowest price are lighter, softer and more comfortable than any other pillow that you may find in the market.  These pillows remain fresh and soft for long period and they are
also easily washable. A superior quality pillow that allows you a nice sleep for the night is now available at 50% discount. We care for your sleep thus we have come up with this offer. Unlike other pillows that lose bounce and shape retainability this pillow retains itself.

Some of the direction for the use of the recron certified dream pillow lowest price are as follows. Since they come in vacuum packing thus they are flat and flatten shape. To make it a usable pillow cut the edge of the packet and let the air flow in the pack. Remove the cushion fillers from the bag.  Re-fluff lightly by hand so that the cushion fillers blow up the cushion pillow and attain the desired shape. Thus now they are ready for use now.

Product features:-

  1. Brand is Recron.
  2. Exterial material used is swiss cotton.
  3. Dimension of the pillow is 40.64cm by 60.96cm.
  4. Package contains one pillow.
  5. Can use detergent for washing it and hang to dry.


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Rs 799
Rs 399