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However good or bad your shoes are, its only good socks that would give you great grip and excellent comfort. Buy these Reebok Cotton White Socks at just Rs. 249/-. These cotton white socks are ankle length and extremely comfortable.

How To Buy these Reebok Cotton White Socks:

  1. You can get these Reebok Cotton White Socks here.
  2. Click on ADD TO CART to get them at Rs. 249/- only.
  3. Use coupon code – LESS100.

These Reebok Cotton White Socks are just what generally men would prefer to wear. Men being generally too lazy to change their socks too often, this pack has total three pairs of socks at just Rs. 249/-. It being monsoons, its very important to wear the perfect socks as your foot might stink while they are wet. These Reebok Cotton White Socks have the ability to soak the sweat and to keep your foot clean and soft. Its helps you maintain the hygiene of your foot.

Reebok being just an established brand, the quality of the socks cannot be doubted at all. You can be sure that these socks would last for long and you won’t face problems of wear and tear. Being half ankle terry socks, you can be very comfortable while you wear them with formals or on casuals.

To buy these Reebok Cotton White Socks, go to Rediff and buy them now!

Description :Company/Brand Introduction


Applicable guarantee and warranty as provided by the Brand.

Main item Configuration

It comprises of 1 set of 3 Reebok Socks.

Feature Description

Size : Standar Size

Gender : Male

Material : Cotton

Type : Half Ankle Terry Socks

Colour : White

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