Reebok Duffle Bag Cap and Wallet Combo Set at Rs 649 Only

Sowmya Nair

How do you feel about getting three great Reebok product for just Rs. 649? Excited, aren’t you? Why wouldn’t you be. It’s not everyday that you get Reebok Duffle Bag Cap and Wallet Combo Set at such a great price!

Go swimming or walk in to the gym with a Reebok Duffle Bag Cap and Wallet Combo set. Looking cool  has never been this easy! Three very useful accessories!

How to buy Reebok Duffle Bag Cap and Wallet Combo Set at Rs 649:

  1. Buy Reebok Duffle Bag Cap and Wallet Combo Set from
  2. Click on BUY NOW.
  3. Apply coupon code RBKC300 to get this for Rs. 649!

Reebok is one of the most trusted sporting brands. And this deal from brings to you three great products in a superb combo! The Reebok Duffle bag is perfect to carry your gym clothes or swimming clothes, a bottle of water and various other essentials. Take the first step towards good health and invest in a bag like this! When you step out for work, along with your laptop, carry your gym essentials as well. In this bag! One hour of exercise constitutes only 4% of your day. So no excuses! The wallet is super trendy, the cross stitches look so good! As for the cap – you could instantly add a cool look to your self with it. Overall a great combo! Buy it already!

When its Reebok, there really is no need to question the quality. Cricket match this weekend? This combo will be perfect! Wear the cap and carry extra clothes and water in the duffle bag! With a pair of Reebok shorts, T-shirt, Cap and this duffle bag, you’re all set for your first century!

Product Description:

  • Reebok Duffle Bag, Cap & Wallet Combo.
  • Reebok Duffle bag.
  • Colour: Black and Red.
  • Reebok Men’s Wallet.
  • Colour: Grey with diagonal stitch design.
  • Reebok cap.
  • Air holes on top for ventilation.
  • Team it up with casuals for a smart look.


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