Roadster Men Back Flip Flops Priced at Rs 170 – 66% OFF


Nothing can be more comfortable in this sweltering heat than this Roadster men back flip flops. Designed for supreme comfort and style they are perfect to laze around in the house or for walking on the beach.¬†They are ‘It’ and very fashionable, capable to rock any casual outfit. This Flip-flops provide the much required relief from wearing formal shoes most part of the day and it can be worn year round.


How to buy Roadster men back flip flops price at Rs 170:

  1. Click on Roadster Men Back Flip Flops.
  2. Click on ‘Buy Now‘ to avail to buy them for Rs 170 Only.

Roadster’s signature style is perfectly encapsulated in this pair of laid back flip flops. With a hard wearing, yet playful edge, these soft rubber slippers are sure to impress!¬†Roadster men back flip flops are a popular form of footwear among those who value the ease and flexibility of this type of sandals. Formerly reserved for the beach, community showering facilities, or the gym locker room, flip flops have found their way into day-to-day wardrobes and revamped for dressier occasions.

Flip Flops are the most oldest form of footwear and there is absolutely no doubt that it still popular in the 21st Century. Flip flops have become part of the fashion landscape as much as athletic shoes, jeans and t-shirts.Fashion has moved in the direction of more casual-wear, footwear has also changed, driven by innovative and colorful Flip Flops.

Product details:

  • Category: Men’s Footwear
  • Brand: Roadster
  • Model ID: Men Black Flip Flop
  • Colour:Black

Key Features:

  • Open toed black flip flops with a thong style upper that has branding on it and metal eyelet detail
  • Has red accents
  • Printed footbed with branding and designs
  • Rubber sole with branching grooves all over

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