Rosso Italiano Mens Loafers at Cheap Price OF Rs 499

Sonalee Sarkar

Give a new look to yourself with the Rosso Italiano men’s loafers. They originally cost Rs.999 but buy it now from us at only Rs.499. A very stylish pair of footwear for men that goes well for both formal and semi formal look. Can be worn for a casual outing as well as for any party. No need to spend twice for two different footwear for two different purposes. Now buy one kind of footwear for all purposes at a bare minimum price only from Amazon.

How to get this Mens Loafers at Cheap Price at discounted price of Rs 499?

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  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
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Rosso Italiano Mens Loafers at Cheap Price OF Rs 499
The blue color footwear with white detail stitching and white sole makes a perfect club with any kind of your clothing. These are the right pair of shoes to roam around and stroll in places. A shoe that is very comfortable in wear and does not hurt your feet when worn for long hours.

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Rs 999
Rs 499