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Hello gentlemen, we understand your angst for not having as many footwear options as women do. We are here to bring you the best possible deals that will benefit you greatly. If you observe street style closely you’d know that Loafers are a must have!  Loafers are not as casual as a slipper, nor are they as serious as formal shoes. They are for people who are truly confident of their style and attitude. Snapdeal offers you Roxii Mens Loafer worth Rs. 1,499 for just Rs. 499. If you would like to give Loafers a shot, this is the right time to buy.

Buy Roxii Mens Loafer from Snapdeal for just Rs. 499. You save 67% on this deal! This deal cannot get any better!

How to buy Roxii Mens Loafer for Rs. 499:

  1. Buy Roxii Mens Loafer from SNAPDEAL
  2. Click on BUY NOW 

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 Product Description:These slip-on shoes can work well with your formal wear. The cut of these shoes make it look extremely hot. Buy today and save 67% off! You will not find these shoes anywhere else for cheaper. 


  • Brand: Roxii
  • For men
  • Type: Loafers
  • Style: False stitch detailing on upper for added style
  • Colour: Black Upper
  • Material: Faux leather
  • Sole Material: Anti-skid sole
  • For daily and casual wear
  • Lightweight and comfortable

Slip-on Shoes:

  • Brand: Roxii
  • For men
  • Type: Slip-on shoes
  • Style: Textured finish with metal accessory on top
  • Colour: Black
  • Upper Material: Faux leather
  • Sole Material: Airmax
  • For formal wear
  • Nail that corporate look
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Impressive and trendy

2 Responses to “ROXII MENS LOAFER WORTH RS 1499 NOW at RS 499 ONLY”

  1. Hello, I’m a girl plus I have size 7/8 feet (depends, actually found on the shoe manufacturer) plus I’d like to receive a pair of loafers or flat-soled boots for school. They don’t need to be all which fashionable at all, I merely wish them to be absolutely comfortable plus lower than 25 pounds. Where do we think I might receive certain? Where do we receive the school boots? Anyway thanks a lot ahead of time!!

  2. I should where an upscale casual outfit for my audition i don’t recognize exactly what it is!


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Rs 1499
Rs 499