RPB Nehru Jacket With Free Sunglasses Combo Offer at Rs 374

Deepika Dewan

Some public figures end up popularizing their favourite fashion items. A select few have their fashion labels named after them. That was a similar case with the late Indian Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. With the passage of time, the Nehru jacket has become sought-after for its closed-neck, coat-like garment usually considered a court dress for Indian nobility. Paytm.com brings you this ever awesome RPB Nehru Jacket With Free Sunglasses too so that whether you walk down the corridors of power or that of rural regions, you carry the inimitable flair of Panditji. Indeed, it was when this jacket was marketed to Western audiences that it took the “Nehru” title. The charismatic Nehru wasn’t the only prominent figure associated with it. The minimalist aesthetic value of the jacket inspired the likes of the Beatles who wore this ageless style for some of their performances too.

How to buy RPB Nehru Jacket With Free Sunglasses?

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Jackets are a common sight in the fashion world. Though their main purpose is to keep you warm, they make a nice style statement as well. Shop RPB Nehru Jacket With Free Sunglasses today and get high-street fashion knocking at your door. Available in free size and plain sleeveless designs, the Nehru Jackets come in stripes and neck collar style thereby reflecting the near similarity of the classy jacket of Nehruvian era

RPB Dark Blue Nehru Jacket With Free Sunglasses

RPB Dark Blue Nehru Jacket With Free Sunglasses

RPB Grey Nehru Jacket With Free Sunglasses

RPB Grey Nehru Jacket With Free Sunglasses

Key Features:

  • Brand: RPB.
  • Product Type: Nehru Jackets.
  • Fabric: Lined Cotton.
  • Fit: Regular Fit.
  • Wear: Occasional.
  • Colors Available: Blue, Grey, Light Grey, Brown & Black.

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Rs 374