Rs 249 for Mosaic Flat Tumbler 6 Pcs Set from Pepperfry


Kitchen crockery is mostly fragile. There is always the inherent fear of them cracking owing to the weight or pressure of the liquids or solids in it. Keep these alarms at bay and serve water, lassi, juices with relaxed pride as brings Mosaic Flat Tumbler 6 Pcs Set at a price that would make you go gaga over it. Made of toughened stainless steel, this 6 Pc Set sparkles with shine and can be conveniently carted for weekend picnics. Since they have a broad mouth and flat surface, they can be easily stacked in a kitchen corner without any problem of damage or brittle.

How to get this Tumbler at discounted price of Rs 249?

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glassWith their space-saving advantage, the Mosaic Flat Tumbler 6 Pcs Set from Pepperfry at Rs 249 is indeed the best buy for your kitchen.

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Rs 249