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Deepika Dewan

And you thought you picked up yet another refreshing can from Coco Cola. Well, this time there is no fizzy cola in the can. Just memories of the great cricketing legend. presents Sachin 100 Coca-Cola Cans Limited Edition Set. In this wonderful collectible item, you will be mesmerised no end when you see historic trivia of the cricket superstar and icon Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar printed on the Coca Cola Can. Sachin aala re! This time on the most energising cold drink brand that has equally stood the test of time.

Sachin 100 Coca-Cola Cans – each depicts one of Sachin’s centuries. Each can has a picture from the actual match and also contains his century number, total runs scored, year of scoring, stadium name and team he scored it against. This piece of treasure comes with a personally signed Certificate of Authenticity from Sachin Tendulkar.

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Legends happen once in history. Sachin Tendulkar is one such God whose magic is absolutely unique and undefeatable in the history of mankind. So should be his memorabilia. Amazon brings a nearly tearful collection of Sachin 100 Coca-Cola Cans Limited Edition Set. Its not just to be kept in fancy lobbies or drawing rooms but a chance to give hope to millions of under privileged children. Own a piece of this cricket history – Sachin 100 Coca-Cola Cans where each can commemorates one of Sachin’s centuries. This fantastic gesture is in support of the Coca-Cola NDTV Support My School campaign, which Sachin has driven in the past.

The 5 feet 9 inch by 2 feet 10.5 inch Sachin 100 Coca-Cola Cans Limited Edition Set will be a constant reminder of the legend you have always loved and the happiness you have brought to so many little children by contributing to the Support My School campaign.

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