Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Earphone at Rs 349 Only – 67% OFF

Sowmya Nair

Looking for affordable, best-in-class earphones? You’ve come to the right place. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Earphone can be used with you existing Note 2 and any other smartphones or music player with 3.5mm jack. For a music experience that’s truly memorable, just buy this!

Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Earphone at 67% off. Cheers to hours of great music, movies, hands-free phone calls and much more. Place, receive and end calls without touching the phone

How to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Earphone at Rs 349 Only:

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Earphone

  1. Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Earphone from
  2. Click on ADD TO CART.
  3. Go to MY CART and check out.
  4. No coupon code is applicable.

Music is truly the essence of life. The right kind of earphones can help you nurture that essence. This earphones can be used on your smartphone to make calls. Does you work command frequent calls you cannot miss even while riding or driving? Well, wear these earphones and take/end calls without having to take your phone out. Listen to music all the time, or plug it to your tab/laptop and watch movies! So many things to do, so little time. We say start right away. Buy these earphones at best price.

One pair of earphones that can be used on most of your electronics! Pretty cool and versatile, isn’t it. Really good buy, we’d say. These earphones would cost you Rs. 1,050 in the market. brings this to your at just Rs. 349. Save Rs. 701! Also makes a great gift. If you know a friend who has misplaced his/her earphones, now is the opportunity to replace it for them. Your friend will appreciate your gesture!

Samsung is one of the top electronics brand. With a name like this, you really can’t go wrong!

4 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Earphone at Rs 349 Only – 67% OFF”

  1. Antariksh

    How will I create my speaker jack found on the back of the computer plus earphone jack found on the front of the computer function simultaneously?

  2. Ilesh

    I think the left earphone is absolutely damaged by the sound card considering sound came out high inside the appropriate 1. And the earphones are burning my ears by its heat plus it’s truly uncomfortable whilst wearing them.

    • Hmm.. that’s not the case for most of the orders.. Please send it back to the vendor, it’ll be a free replace for you sir!

  3. Vahin

    does the samsung galaxy s4 function with all the straight talk bring your telephone. I would love to recognize, have a good day.


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