Samsung In-the-ear Headset BHM1100NBEGINU w/o Charger Rs 699


Bluetooth earphones are a saviour when we are busy snaking through the traffic, they let us keep our hands on the wheel instead of being plastered on the phone. They give us the ultimate sense of mobility. Talking on your phone while driving is not only dangerous but also a traffic offense. Buy a Samsung In-the-ear Headset and grab the advantage of being able to keep your phone in your pocket and not kink your neck while talking on the phone.

How to buy Samsung In-the-ear Headset BHM1100NBEGINU without Charger

Use Samsung In-the-ear Headset while traveling, in a meeting, working out at the gym, or simply walking around town or your house and discover a new sense of freedom. Wires always gets tangled and they always slows us down. In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to make one’s life even a little bit easier cannot be discounted, and one easy and affordable way to do this is through Bluetooth wireless in the ear headset.

The Samsung Bluetooth  headset without charger is an extremely compatible Bluetooth from Samsung. It has a stylish look with a net weight of 10 g. An affordable and elegant Bluetooth headset with features like Echo and Noise reduction that automatically connects to your phone or your board when they are within reach. HM1100 also has micro-USB. Thanks to Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) is the communication between the headset and phone is now faster and more stable. It keeps your hands free from the load of carrying a mobile in your hand. It has a multipoint technology and is equipped with the latest 2.1 version. Another new feature of this Bluetooth is that the battery level check is indicated automatically. It has an operating rage of 10m with a talk time of 14 hours.


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