Samsung MB-MSBGA MicroSD 32 GB Memory Card Rs 1295 -54% OFF


In the age where everything is hectic and over burdened, one needs the space and liberty to free oneself from the excess hectic over burdened schedules. That is why we evolved from humongous storage devices to floppies and CDS and now finally to chip-sized storage cards. Buy the samsung mb-msbga microsd 32 gb with 54% off.

How to buy Samsung MB-MSBGA MicroSD 32 gb

  1. Buy Samsung mb-msbga Microsd 32 GB.
  2. Click on “BUY NOW” button and proceed further.
  3. Fill in your needed details and place your order.

Samsung mb-msbga Microsd 32 GB was initially priced at Rs 2800 but it comes down to an exciting Rs 1295 after a discount of 54%. This memory card is a class 6 memory card by Samsung. Samsung is one of the best gadgets company in the world, competing with aces like Apple and Nokia. This samsung mb-msbga microsd 32 gb  has a 3 Proof Technology and 13 MB/s Write Speed. So store upto 32 Gb of your data in a chip sized 0.5 gram card which you can easily carry around in your wallet or pocket. You are offered a five year warranty for this product.

Key Features of the Memory Card:

  • 3 Proof Technology.
  • 32 GB Memory Card.
  • 13 MB/s Write Speed.
  • 24 MB/s Read Speed.
  • Class 6 Memory Card.
  • Interoperable with SD Slot via SD Adapter.

Grab the deal before you get a chance to regret it. You cannot miss such saver deals as only the lucky ones are bestowed with such deals at the right time with the right money.



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