Samsung Refrigerator RS21HKLMR1XTL | Lowest Price Refrigerator

Fatima Ansari

Festivals are a great way time to invest in home electronics and appliances. Especially because of the great offers available. Refrigerators are a great way to store all the food to help it from getting spoilt. It is the need of every household. Make your wife happy by gifting her a two door refrigerator. Dealstan familiarizes you with the Lowest Price Refrigerator . The Lowest Price Refrigerator by Samsung is just for INR 71,170/-. brings you this super deal.

How to buy Samsung Refrigerator RS21HKLMR1XTL | Lowest Price Refrigerator?

  1. 1.Shop for Samsung Refrigerator. 
  2. Click on Add to Cart.
  3. Or combine with other purchases and click on Proceed to Pay.

The Samsung refrigerators actual price is INR 103,000/-. After the the 31% discount, you can save a whopping INR 31,830/-. Now this is called a super saver deal. The Lowest Price Refrigerator is by the best electronics brand, Samsung. Its capacity is 506 litres which is sufficient and big enough to withhold everything and anything. You will never be low on space, unlike earlier times, when you had to ask your neighbor to store your food items. The Samsung Refrigerator consists of two side by side doors with twin cool. It is frost free and has a multi flow. There are five refrigerator shelves and a state-of-the-art wine shelf. You can call this fridge a smart refrigerator as it comes with LED display and deodourising. With these kind of features, it is the best investment in a refrigerator that you can make!

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Rs 103000
Rs 71170