SanDisk 4 GB SDHC card at Rs 352 Only – 15% OFF + 10% OFF


You download so many stuff in your phone,  whether it is songs, videos or pictures. But for all this , you also require huge space in your phone. This sandisk 4 gb SDHC card provides you with huge storage space of 4gb . Moreover ,this SDHC card  will protect all your files and helps you to transfer the data easily.


How to buy Sandisk 4 GB SDHC card at Rs 352:

  1. Go to sandisk 4 gb SDHC card
  2. For additional 10% off , apply coupon code – july10
  3. Click on ” buy now “

Now , without worrying of the storage space , download as many data as you want to . You can also save your important files in the memory space . It is also equally compatible with the camera. The transfer speed is very high and you van even carry it with you anywhere as because of its size , it becomes easily portable .That is , the performance is just so optimum . And , you can have it at just Rs 356 . SDHC card gives you 4 gb memory space . You can protect your files easily . Even if we talk from business point of view , this sandisk 4gb sdhc card is highly beneficial .

You can save all your important files and data in this .  You can also transfer files to your computer . You can save a video which can be  upto 8 hours long in this 4 gb card. It is also compatible with DSLR and as well as point and shoot camera. SanDisk is a brand name and quality is never compromised . You have the best quality and you can easily trust its service . And At just Rs 356 , getting a sandisk 4gb sdhc card is just awesome . You don’t have to install any extra software for this . that means , as soon as you get it , it is ready to use .

Product Details:

  • Capacity: 4 GB
  • High speed transfer
  • Optimal Performance

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