SanDisk 8GB Pen Drive (Ultra) CZ45 For Rs 338


USB Flash drives commonly called as Pen Drive has become a useful resource these days. People are using them in all the scenarios be it as a temporary storage medium for back up or as a medium to move data between two or more systems. In such a world, where Pen Drives has become an ultimate need it is very important to make it sure that they are robust and could handle a large amount of data transfer without effecting the speed.

SanDisk 8GB pen drive (Ultra) has all the features that makes it an Ultra device. With a storage capacity of 8GB, this SanDisk 8GB pen drive comes with a write speed upto 10mbps and read speed of 15mbps. Powered with USB 2.0,, it has been designed with a vibrant and ultra look. The device is very compact and supports 128 bit encryption for AES password protection. This ultra sleek SanDisk 8GB pen drive could be yours just for Rs 338 with an offer on Ebay. So grab the product while the offer lasts and begin organizing all your data.

How to buy SanDisk 8 GB Pen Drive (Ultra) CZ45 For Rs 338 only from Ebay :SanDisk 8GB PenDrive

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Specifications :

Fast Read/Write Speeds for Rapid File Transfer

With the SanDisk Ultra USB Flash Drive’s high data speeds, your files will upload in a fraction of the time taken by other USB 2.0 flash drives. It features read speeds up to 15MB/s and write speeds up to 10MB/s for the first 20MB of data transfer, so even bulky files like HD video transfer quickly

High-Capacity Drive Accommodates Your Favorite Media Files

The SanDisk Ultra USB Flash Drive delivers ample storage space in a compact package. Available in capacities , the flash drive can accommodate your favorite files or back up all your important data.

Stylish, Portable Design

With its sleek red-and-black finish, the SanDisk Ultra USB Flash Drive complements many electronic devices. It features a compact frame that can easily slip into a pocket or attach to a keychain. A retractable USB connector helps protect the flash drive when not in use.

Simple, Drag-and-Drop File Backup

The SanDisk Ultra USB Flash Drive makes it easy to transfer files. Simply plug it into your computer’s USB port and drag your files into the drive’s folder. No additional drivers or software are necessary, so you can begin backing up, sharing, and organizing your files immediately.

Exclusive SanDisk Software Provides Additional Data Security

With the included SanDisk SecureAccess, you can create a password-protected private folder on your flash drive. The password protection uses 128-bit AES encryption, so you’ll be able to share your USB drive without compromising your private files



2 Responses to “SanDisk 8GB Pen Drive (Ultra) CZ45 For Rs 338”

  1. Sandeepan

    Someone like to take my pen-drive inside the workplace newly. I don’t understand for what reason. However, I dont desire he/she to access which pen-drive plus open my files. Can i set any password to create it useless. What i mean is, anybody may take it, however it’s useless when they cant access it. That’s my point. YES, EVEN IS THEY RE-FORMAT IT. This really is to guarantee which the pen-drive has become totally useless.

  2. Kaartikeya

    I have a virus inside both my PC plus my pen drive. I like to format my pen drive without beginning windows considering when I format usually, the virus duplicates itself again. And, when I format my PC initially then the virus duplicates itself within the pen drive to my PC. Can the windows XP CD format my pen drive like it formats my additional forces. If not, is there any additional technique?

    The aid is a lot appreciated


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