Sarvamangalam Blue Floor Cleaning Mop at Rs 999 – 63% OFF


It is time you bought those new floor cleaning mop for your house. Sarvamangalam floor cleaning mop is not just a simple floor cleaning mop that you get in your next door market but in fact, it is an entire set of carefully picked items to suit your modern needs.

Sarvamangalam floor cleaning mop
Sarvamangalam floor cleaning mop

How to buy Sarvamangalam floor cleaning mop

  1. View the irresistible deal on Snapdeal.
  2. Place your order by filling in the required details.
  3. Additional 10% on all Home & Kitchen products above Rs.499.
  4. Use promo code HOME10 at check out.

Cash on delivery is available. Sarvamangalam floor cleaning mop is an entire set of moppers. A long, durable, premium quality stick to support the soft wisps of cloth comes with a water container to clean the mop. The set provide two center cloth mops. It is extremely handy and comes as a utility to your uber- modern needs. Speedy and handy: Something we are in dire need of. Get this set of strong, durable mop at only Rs 2699 999 after a hefty discount of 63%.

Product Details of Sarvamangalam Green Floor Cleaning Mop

  • Brand: Sarvamangalam.
  • Colour: Green.
  • Dimensions in inches (HxDia): 50×29.5.
  • Quick mop wash.
  • Tractors to rapid dehydration.
  • Non-slip design.
  • Super stainless steel handle.
  • Plastic water basket.
  • Four-drive, portable handle.
  • Product code: sr-mop-Green-A2.


One Response to “Sarvamangalam Blue Floor Cleaning Mop at Rs 999 – 63% OFF”

  1. Parthiv

    I have a issue with cockroaches inside my kitchen plus WC. If I mop the floor daily, may this keep the cockroaches away? My apartment is not dirty, however not super clean either: We never walk with boots inside, however floor cleaning is completed when each 2 weeks.


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