Save Rs 1330 from Flipkart on Byte Corseca BT Stereo Headset

Sonalee Sarkar

None of us want a very heavy headset over our ears while we listen or speak through it. A very light weight black body Byte Corseca BT stereo headset from that has the best of the latest technology features. It has wireless connectivity thus can be worn at your comfort of sitting even if it is away from your laptop, computer, mobile phone etc. This product come’s with one year domestic warranty.

How to get this Stereo Headset at discounted price of Rs 1169?

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  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

Save Rs 1330 from Flipkart on Byte Corseca BT Stereo Headset
The Byte Corseca BT stereo headset is a full value for money product. As compared to other headset this is the best headset even when compared to some of the big branded one’s. With 400 m amph the battery of this headset works for 18-20 hours at a go. It has nice sound transfer and range too. The looks of the headset is also very stylish and modern.¬†It is stereo headset guys the music is just classy.

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Rs 2499
Rs 1169