Save Rs. 300 on Electrolux 20L Grill M/OG20M WW-CG White Mah at StarCJ

Shweta Anand

Kitchen mania alert. Buy the Electrolux 20L Grill M/OG20M WW-CG worth Rs. 5,990 for just Rs. 5,690. Not only will you save Rs. 300/- but you will also get a 28 Pc Microwave Cooking & Serving Set with Recipe Book absolutely free. Now which kitchen freak ( in a good way) would want to miss out on an offer like this? Well of course, No one.  All this while don’t budge a bit from your living room sofa. One click on and all this is all yours while you save money.

How to Save Rs. 300 on Electrolux 20L Grill M/OG20M WW-CG?

  1. Click to view the Electrolux 20L Grill M/OG20M WW-CG.
  2. Select white/without (check for default select).
  3. Select quantity. Great gifting option for a dear friend or family. Any function coming up?
  4. Free delivery options available. Check for deliverable areas.
  5. Click on ORDER!

A combination with microwave and grill is an innovative add-on to any kitchen. You can experiment many dishes and keep your guinea pigs full, satiated and completely happy. And what’s better is that you get a free set of microwaveable cooking and serving set. You don’t have to bother looking around for the right vessels anymore. Bake all you want, grill those scrumptious meat and veggies in different marination and become the true kitchen king or queen!

Experience some great cooking time with the two Combination Grill Settings that provides even faster and uniform cooking. Weight defrosts automatically sets proper defrosting cycle, once you have entered the weight of the food to be cooked. All this in the superb Electrolux 20L Grill M/OG20M WW-CG.


  1. Combination (microwave + grill ) Cooking-Bake, Brown Grill, microwave cooking.
  2. Multi-stage Cooking.
  3. Defrost by weight and time.
  4. Push button for door opening.
  5. Three years warranty on the magnetron and one year on the product.
  6. 360 degree cleaning.
  7. Smart wave technology.
  8. Tandoori heater.


Main item Configuration.

Electrolux 20L Grill Mechanical G20M WW-CG.

1. Capacity: 20 Litres.
2. Voltage: 230V-240V~50Hz.
3. Microwave Power Output: 700 Watts.
4. Microwave Power Input: 1200 Watts.
5. Grill Power Input: 900 Watts.

Main item/Add component size.

452 x 335 x 262 mm.


Main item/Add component color : white.

Main item/Add component Material.

  1. Main Unit.
  2. Turn table assemble.
  3. Glass tray.
  4. User manual cum warranty card.
  5. Grill stand -1.

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