Save Rs 300 for Skull Decantor from Groupon India – Flat Rs 699

Neha Jain

Pirates, motorcycle gangs, creepy voodoo types. There are loads of people who might want to drink from a glass shaped like a human skull. Especially when it holds just under a pint of your preferred beer, a mildly-foreboding cola, or a spine drinkers will be struck with a deliciously vague sense of unease. It’s “Crystal Head” design is unique and fashionable, do add some paranormal to your party and have fun. This skull decantor is great for themed parties , bar , home etc. Buy this thrilling skull Decantor  from in just Rs. 699 only .

How to get this Skull Decantor at discounted price of Rs 699?

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  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

Save Rs 300 for Skull Decantor from Groupon India - Flat Rs 699
This is amazing and different gift for you as well as for your friends.It has a capacity to hold 350 ml of drinks.This item is a fantastic drinks decanter. It will absolutely have the power to draw attention at any party. Also it is a great addition to your home bar.

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Rs 999
Rs 699