Save Rs 499 on Doyours Stainless Steel Dustbin From Pepperfry -Rs 1299


Space and hygiene are wanted most in any home or commercial space. Get the stylish and innovative design Doyours Stainless Steel Dustbin from It’s a modern space-saving dust bin in 8” X 10” size that has perforations in it. This helps the air vents in it move out thereby keeping the foul air from smelling inside the bin. The stainless steel make of this dustbin adds durability and class. Which is why it can grace the interiors of fancy lobbies and hotel complexes pretty well. After all, modern day guests and hosts want something spic and span looking trash bin, not something that is put in a remote corner. Get this uniquely styled functional asset and see how your living space looks cosmo and urban.

How to get this Steel Dustbin at discounted price of Rs 1299?

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  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

Save Rs 499 on Doyours Stainless Steel Dustbin From Pepperfry - Rs 1299

For the price-conscious, Doyours Stainless Steel Dustbin is a welcome buy. At just Rs. 1299, it can make your interiors smell-free and space-saving.

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Rs 1299