Seagate 1TB Hard Drive with 3 Years Manufacture Warranty at Rs 4652


Now with Seagate 1TB Hard Drive , store as many stuff you want to, transport files and much more. It becomes difficult for you to carry all the large files all together, so this hard drives comes as an easy option. And you do not even have to install any kind of extra software for this. Moreover, you also get a 3 years manufacture warranty.

How to buy Seagate 1TB Hard Drive with 3 Years Manufacture Warranty at  Rs 4652 :

Snapdeal brings you the offer to buy this seagate 1 TB hard drive at only Rs 4652 along with the 3 years manufacture warranty. See, we all know, all the pen drives, flash drives do have enough storage space to store your files, but max , what they can allow you is up to 32 Gb or even less than that. But with the hard drive, you will have the storage space of 1 TB, so that you can easily store all those important files, data safely at 1 place without worrying of the space and easily carry it with along you. Yes, so make it fast. This hard drive also features a built-in power management which will automatically ensure the energy-efficient operation. It can be plugged in to your usb port and the device is ready to be used  any time. You just have to drag the files and drop them in to the hard drive. So, it is that simple. Whereas market price of these hard drives are very high, snapdeal gives you a great deal to buy the Seagate 1TB hard drive at just Rs 4652 . So hurry up!! ..and store your files in an apt manner .

Product Details:

Interface USB 3.0
Dimensions (H x W x L) 17.6 x 80.01 x 141.29 inches
Weight 160 g
Capacity 1TB
Warranty Period 3 Years

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  1. I really need a strong exterior hard drive for backup reasons. I have an iMac with a 1TB hard drive. I’ll not utilize which up, thus someplace between 640-1TB ought to be superior. I like to be capable to employ it for many years too. Thanks.


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