Self Defence Weapon for Women-PepperSpray at Extra 10% Off from Tradus

Sonalee Sarkar

A very powerful self defense mechanism for women against any kind of attacker. Are you working late night shifts or are you travelling home back late night? You never know when an incident might strike you. Thus to always be careful you should carry this women pepper spray that come’s to your need when you need it the most. Available at a small price of Rs.449 from

How to get this Pepper Spray at discounted price of Rs 449?

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Self Defence Weapon for Women - Pepper Spray at Extra 10% Off from Tradus
When you are attacked you know you have the best self defense mechanism with you rather than getting tensed up. Just half second spray can work wonders for you. COBRA sprays a high-irritant chilly extract that causes severe burning sensation to exposed skin and temporary blindness along with restricted breathing in the attacker. Thus giving you a chance to run from the dangerous situation.

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Rs 499
Rs 449