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Deepika Dewan

Khoob Sundar. An apt word that goes for Bengali culture, its people, its habits and lifestyle. Be it umpteen variety of fish, chicken chops, sandesh, books, paintings, designer sarees and suits, music, dance and drama, Bengali sweets or Chinese cuisine that is fast picking up, a Bong bhadralok has many ways to enjoy life. Which is why those who are settled abroad now have umpteen options to send their Bengali friends and relatives a whole lot of gifts that might be simple but are of immense value and prestige. All you need to do is log onto the link mentioned below and take your pick of the items you would like to send home to Kolkata. Purchase anything for Rs. 500 and above and get Free Shipping within Kolkata. Happy shopping!

How to send Gifts to Loved Ones in Kolkata?

  1. Click here to go to the Store Page.
  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to check out and make payment.



Achena Suchitra

Achena Suchitra

Writer Chandi Mukhopadhyay has brought about a wonderful representation of the great Bengali cinematic star Suchitra Sen in this book whose timeless beauty and acting skills has impressed many a generation. Meet this enigmatic star whose charm has left many people speechless with her persona.


Ash Tangail saree

Bengalis are known for their love of Tangail handcrafted sarees. Gift your Bengali female relatives back home the same feminine magic with Ash Tangail saree that has machine Persi work and see their beauty come out in full measure.


Rassogolla - Balaram Mullick

Chuck away the pizzas and diet coke, send your Bong loved ones back home in Kolkata this absolutely delicious 24pcs Rassogolla that is sourced from the reputed Balaram & Radharaman Mallick. The best part about these juicy and mouth-filling Rassogolla is the free card that is delivered with your message.


Chilli Prawn

Seafood is the main staple diet of Kolkatans. Fish, prawns, shrimps make a major part on the table when it comes to feasting guests, that too when cooked in Chinese style. Explore the Chilli Prawn that would satisfy your taste buds especially when dunked with a glass of beer.

So drop your idea of going to an emporium or haat. Rather, make good of this gifting opportunity to your loved ones and beloveds in Kolkata by gifting them the life and treasures of Kolkata in a unique way.

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