Sennheiser Headphone at Cheapest Price | Sennheiser HD-180 at Rs 800


The Sennheiser headphone at cheap price from is also known as the professional headphones. Manufactured from the latest and high technology are these headphones. These headphones are for those people who are completely technology freaks. Giving you the high sound quality output with the advantage of the high level of comfort to the ear. For this reason these headphones can be worn for longer hours. Also a multiple purpose task performer are these headphones. Need not necessarily be used only for listening to music but also can be used for any of your video conferencing calls, to watch a movie where you want to enjoy privacy as well the sound. Make the most of the headphones as you can easily carry these along with you to hear the best as and when you wish.

How to buy the Sennheiser headphone at cheap price:-

  • Get the Sennheiser headphone at cheap price for only Rs.800
  • Click on add to cart.
  • Proceed to make payment.
  • Make safe and secure payment.
  • Listen like you are listening to the sound if you were in a mini theatre.

The best advantages of the Sennheiser headphone at cheap price are in numbers. To make a mention of a few is the long cord which enables you to easily listen and groove to the music you want to, keep your laptop at a distance and watch a movie or attach it to your desktop for any of your video conferencing calls. It is made so to benefit its users. The cushioning pad around the ears make the headphones feel so light weighted over the ears. Thus giving your ears comfort and away from any burden of carrying weight on them. The brand name itself of these headphones speak so much.

Product details:-

  1. Powerful sound reproduction.
  2. Good attenuation of ambient noise.
  3. High quality leatherette ear pads.
  4. Rich, crisp bass response.

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Rs 1290
Rs 800