Set of 3 Varun Copper Bottom Cookware cum Storage Rs. 299

Sowmya Nair

Looking for Cookware for daily use? Here’s something that will serve your purpose and last you a long time. Set of 3 Varun Copper Bottom Cookware  is a good buy simply because you get three different size options. And, these can be used for cooking as well as storing food. Heat milk in one, one can be used for tadka, etc. A kitchen definitely needs Copper bottom cookware like these. Cook in them when you want and at other times safely store food. The Copper Bottom ensures that heat spreads out faster and the cooking takes very less time. The high-quality stainless steel body ensures easy cleaning and durability. These Copper Bottom Cookware will last you for many years!

How to buy Set of 3 Varun Copper Bottom Cookware cum Storage Rs. 299:

Copper Bottom Cookware

Buy Set of 3 Varun Copper Bottom Cookware from Tradus at just Rs. 299. At 65% off, you get to save Rs. 550!

Copper Bottom Cookware can also be a great gift. How about buying a set for your mom? Or your friend. Cookware like this are very useful. If you are into gifting people things that are useful, you should buy this!

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Product Description:

  • Cook Faster & Save Fuel
  • Amazingly low price
  • Copper bottom cookware
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel
  • Hard & Durable
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Exotic silver shining
  • Cooking and storing food

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