Set of 3 Princeware Solar Casserole Rs. 514. Keep food fresh!

Sowmya Nair

Buy set of 3 Princeware Solar Casserole from Pepperfry for just Rs. 514. Small price to pay for fresh and warm food anytime of the day. Eat homemade food and stay healthy!

How to buy Set of 3 Princeware Solar Casserole Rs. 319:

Princeware Solar Casserole

  1. Buy Set of 3 Princeware Solar Casserole from Pepperfry
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. Apply Pepperfry coupon code PG15PER to get this for Rs 514.

No time to cook breakfast in the morning? No problem. You could prepare something in the night and store it in this Set of 3 Princeware Solar Casserole and have a hearty warm breakfast in the morning. This casserole set has three insulated containers that can keep your food hot and fresh for hours. The lock is simple and sturdy. Easy to remove, tight to close, you don’t have to worry about food going stale for many hours. You could also prepare something for lunch early in the morning and carry it with you. This set has three different sized casseroles. One can be used to keep rice/roti fresh, one for the curry and the other for a dry subzi. It can easily store enough food for 3-4 members.

This set also looks trendy. You don’t have to think twice about showing it off on your dinning table. Available in two colors – Pink and Green, these are perfect for your modern kitchen.

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Product Description:

Brand: Princeware


Box Size: 39 L X 21 B X 9.7 H (All In Cm)

Pack Content 3 Pcs Casseroles With Lids

Capacity Small: 600ml, Medium: 1000ml, Large: 1500ml

Material: Plastic

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