Set of 4 Tyres at Extra 10% Off | Bridgestone – B 250 – 185/65 R14

Deepika Dewan

Zipping on a highway or city road can become problematic when you have the best vehicle but not the best tyre. presents Set of 4 Tyres from the house of Bridgestone that offer seamless performance on road. There would be no raising an eyebrow when you have a Bridgestone tyre that’s designed to reduce rolling resistance so that you get improved fuel efficiency. Designed to improve wear resistance, the Set of 4 Tyres provide a longer tyre life – an attribute which a vehicle owner always seeks, whether living in a town suburb or a city. Such is the comfort level of these tyres that even former Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher widely regarded as one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time wouldn’t mind fitting his formula car with these tyres.

How to Buy Set of 4 Tyres Online at Snapdeal?

  1. Click on the link here.
  2. Enter Snapdeal Coupon Code: TYRES10 to get 10% off.
  3. Click on Buy.


The Set of 4 Tyres from Bridgestone will provide you with some great high performance features. From high level of steering response to excellent braking capability so as to increase safety, the Bridgestone tyres are armed with the best in design and comfort. So that you get a new form of driving pleasure when you load your car with these formidable tyres. Extra rubber on the maximum cut risk area reduce the road hazard damages.

Some More Option on tyres and alloys:


A smooth, comfortable ride is what you get in ample measure owing to the well designed sipes and grooves on the center of the B250 tyre. A feature that helps channelizing out water on wet surfaces thereby providing you with excellent wet performance. A well connected solid shoulder block enhances the DRY performance like cornering and stability. Besides this, the adequate construction features like 2 Plies on tyre side wall and cap over steel belt provide high durability on Indian Roads.

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