Shoulder Bag by Hops and Grain. A style that’s just right at Rs. 890

Sowmya Nair

A Shoulder Bag is something most people go wrong with. Its either too long, too short or just plain not right. Here’s a saving grace. Shoulder Bag by Hops and Grain has pretty much everything you are looking in a shoulder bag. Plus, it does not cost a fortune. How cool, isn’t it? The bag is of the right size – not an overnight bag, just enough to carry your essentials, can be held dearly without feeling awkward. The biege bag goes well with the white straps.

Its a combination that’s chic and never seems to go out of fashion. There are enough pockets to keep things organised. No more standing outside the door and searching for keys for an hour. Thank god! This bag goes well with your jeans + t-shirt casual look or  a skirt and top smart look. This shoulder bag actually costs Rs. 1,499 and is now available for you at Rs. 890. Go on, its a smart buy. Don’t feel guilty. A shoulder bag like this comes a long way.


How to get Shoulder Bag by Hops and Grain:

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  2. Click on BUY NOW
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A beige knee-length A-line skirt, worn with a white or black singlet, and a 3/4th-sleeved black blazer.

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Rs. 1499
Rs. 890