Stylish single bed sheet Cum Top Sheet Set Of 2 at Rs 299


It is time you pulled out those old, faded sheets on your bed to flaunt these single bed sheet on sale. This single bed sheet on sale is a set of a single bed sheet and a top sheet which comes only at rs 799  299. Yeah, you heard it right! Only 299. Where? You will find this seemingly impossible deal on Tradus.

single bed sheet on sale

How to Buy Single Bed Sheet on Sale:

  1. View the mind blowing deal on Tradus.
  2. Click on the “BUY NOW” button to proceed with your order.
  3. Fill in the required details, like, enter your email id for example- and place your order.
  4. Please use Gift Voucher SSBS500 on final Payment page to get the discounted price of Rs 299.

More than 280 pieces have already been sold so quickly that it is mind boggling. So you better place your order soon for you don’t get deals such as these everyday. And when you do, you should grab on  to it and never let it go. The single bed sheet on sale includes of the following salient features:


  • Super economic combo of 2 top sheets
  • Best for summers to use with AC or coolers
  • Can be used a single bed sheet as well
  • 4 beautiful printed designs with vibrant color options for kids and adults
  • Premium rich cotton fabric
  • Easy to maintain and wash
  • Ideal for all home decors
  • Extreme comfort with easy affordability.

All products sold on Tradus are 100% genuine and come with warranty. The products are genuine and good quality- absolutely authentic!

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single bed sheet on sale