Skil 30 piece Racheting Screw Driver Set at Rs 316 – Amazon DOD


Whether it is a drawer or a tap, a door’s handle or the bolts of your stabilizer, or count anything. In house, you find something or the other that needs screw tightening. And for this small job, you do not always wanna rush to the mechanic for the help and he would charge you badly. Well, to help and ease you, brings this smart special kit that will be your in-house mechanic. The Skil 30 piece Racheting screw driver set is brought to you at the hugely affordable price of Rs 316/- only. Crafted out of fine stainless steel, it also has a locking mechanism, and also self-locking jaws with LED light. The kit includes Key ring, wire cutter, wire stripper and sheet shear. The kit comes to you in red and black and has chrome plated precision bits.


How to get this  at discounted price of Rs 316?

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Skil 30 piece Racheting Screw Driver Set at Rs 316 - Amazon DOD

The kit comes in red and black color and will serve you in the times of need and distress.

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Rs 447
Rs 316