Skullcandy S2IKDY-101 Ink’d 2 Headset from Tradus at Flat 50% Off


Skullcandy S2IKDY-101 Ink’d 2 Headset , an amazing and branded headphone from the house of SkullCandy is priced at 50% Off from at an unbelievable price of just Rs 624.

How to buy Skullcandy S2IKDY-101 Ink’d 2 Headset :

  • Click to buy Skullcandy S2IKDY-101 Ink’d 2 Headset.
  • Click on Buy Now.
  • Make Payment.

About SkullCandy :

Skullcandy is a Park City, Utah-based company that markets headphones, earphones, hands free devices, audio backpacks, MP3 players, and other products.The company was founded in 2003.Skullcandy’s products are targeted at the outdoor action sports demographic (snowboarders, skateboarders, etc.) and general consumer market.[4]Skullcandy products are sold through retailers, specialty outlets, and their online store.

About Headphones :

Headphones are a pair of small loudspeakers that are designed to be held in place close to a user’s ears. They are also known as earspeakers, earphones or, colloquially, cans.The alternate in-ear versions are known as earbuds orearphones.In the context of telecommunication, a headset is a combination of headphone and microphone. Headphones either have wires for connection to a signal source such as an audio amplifier, radio, CD player, portable media player, mobile phone, electronic musical instrument, or have a wireless receiver, which is used to pick up signal without using a cable.

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Rs 1249
Rs 624