Skullcandy Uprock Supreme On-Ear Headphone Rs. 1350- Amazon Best Price


The fast selling deal of the day at– Skullcandy Uprock Supreme headphones. It is much easier to listen to good sound only when you are using the right technology headphone. At skullcandy we not only give you the right technology headset but also we price it rightly for you. Sporting twin 40mm ear exciters, a cable that is tangle free and a material finish for extra machismo is the Skullcandy Uprock on the ear headphone. The headphone that boosts the street cred of any street gang.

How to buy skullcandy uprock supreme on ear headphones:-

  • Get the best price for the skullcandy uprock supreme headphones.
  • Make a choice of your seller you want to buy from.
  • Proceed to making a safe payment.

The cost of the Skullcandy uprock supreme headphone is only Rs.1350. The most advanced technology for giving you great sound output is priced so low. Well that is what amazon is selling at. You may not be avail for these benefits anywhere else. These headphones are a perfect combination of style, comfort and price. Style because it has been designed very well to fit well on to your ears. Comfort is because can be worn for longer hours without any pain to ears. And price that we all know why. I do not have to say anything over it. This on-ear beauty fits close to the head, providing a low profile look, while delivering our Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals, and Precision Highs – a pure audio experience for every genre of music.

Time to move and grove with the Skullcandy Uprock Headphones. They are the recent introduction from the headphone gurus that are Skullcandy. This ergonomic and adjustable headphone accommodates to all sizes of domes. The Uprock is constructed from a blend of lightweight materials that can stand up to adventures of life too.

Product details:-

  1. Contoured torsion design for a good fit.
  2. Comfort to ear because of the soft leather touch foam to the ear worn areas.
  3. Gives a supreme sound quality.
  4. Manufactured by greatest technology players- Skullcandy.


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Rs 1350