SkullCandy Wired Headphones buy Online at Rs 1678 Only! 20% OFF!


Say you buy a cool phone which is like for 15k or even 20k and you open it up only to find a tacky pair of earphones inside. Then again about those times when you just buy separate earphones that cost you a lot and then you discover that there is no real bass in it and you want your money back but can’t have it! Bid adieu to all your problems as we bring to you the best price on SkullCandy Wired Headphones at Rs 1678 only!, this is the Uprock Black (S5URFZ-033) variant and you get it at a special price of Rs 1678! What?! YES!

How to get Best price on Skullcandy wired headphones at Rs 1678 only –

1. Get the best price on SkullCandy wired headphones Black (S5URFZ-033) at Rs 1678!
2. Click on ‘BUY NOW‘ to experience a sound environment which is much richer than anything that you have heard till now.

There must have been a lot of times when you just wanted to put on your headphones and leave the world aside! Those moments are one where you curse your headphones for not being that much louder or that much richer in key aspects like bass, treble and other stuff. But now all your problems are going to come to an end.

SkullCandy has always been a reputed name in earphones and headset materials. Uptil now, many couldn’t buy these earphones because they claimed them to be expensive but not anymore! We bring to you the best price on Skullcandy Wired headphones at the most reasonable price ever and you know it you won;t regret it!

Investing in property may not get you where you want to go but investing in Skull Candy headset will surely do! And hence, yet again get the best price on Skullcandy Wired Headphones in Black color (S5URFZ-033)  variant at just Rs 1678! Having a richer audio experience was never this easy!

Features & Highlights:

  • Wired
  • On-the-ear Headphone Supra-aural
  • Closed Headphone Over-the-head Design
  • Ferrite Magnet
  • 120 mW of Max Power Input
  • 40 mm Headphone Driver Units
  • 20 Hz – 20000 Hz Headphone Frequency Response

2 Responses to “SkullCandy Wired Headphones buy Online at Rs 1678 Only! 20% OFF!”

  1. Adair

    I like to run lengthy ranges nevertheless the issue is the fact that headphones constantly fall from my ears.

    I’ve tried earphones which clip about the ears plus aspects of which kind yet simply because anything hooks about the ears doesn’t neccesarily signify they remain on. I have purchased many different brands of headphones for my i-pod absolutely.

    Are there any runners available whom could recommend headphones which may be better? Thanks.

  2. Navaneet

    Hey men, I simply brought a new pair of Skullcandy Supreme Sound Hesh Headphones. It cost $80 inside total nevertheless the cost was $60 considering I brought the guarantee plus everything. How may I create them last a lengthy time( for like a year or thus )? And is it true which in the event you don’t employ it a lot, it usually last longer? Any strategies or suggestions would assist. Thanks men.


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