360 Degree Rotating Leather Smart Cover Case Stand for iPad 4-Rs1,400


Ipad has become a popular device nowadays. Its multi functions and utilities makes it famous. It reduces the use of a laptop. But at the same time, ipad is a very delicate device. One needs to handle it carefully. Get a smart cover case stand for ipad. It is available for a very affordable price at bhavtav.com

How to buy the rotating leather smart cover case stand for ipad 4 at Rs.1400:

  1. Go to rotating leather smart cover case stand for ipad 4.
  2. Click on Add to cart.

Ipad cases are essential to protect the fragile device. Ipads are now serving as a substitute for laptops and even PCs. They are portable and comfortable. they can be used anywhere at anytime. The battery lasts long. It can also be charged easily at any nearby plugpoint. 3g enabled ipads are creating waves. The sim card facility also allows you to make calls to other ipads.  facetime is a revolutionary app. The advantages of having an ipad are numerous. But at the same time ipads are fragile. They need to be handled carefully. Little damages can go a long way. A case for the ipad would do no harm. It would protect the device better. Also, it would be easier for the person to handle an ipad. Ipad cases are available in different designs. But the smart cover case stand for ipad is limited. This smart cover case stand for ipad 4 comes in red color. It is available in the market for Rs.2500. This website gives it to you only for Rs.1400. This smart cover case stand for ipad comes handy in all occasions. It serves as a cover for the ipad. At the same time, you can also make it stand like a laptop. This two in one smart cover case stand for ipad is worth every penny. So, hurry up. Purchase one today. Happy shopping!

Product Description:

Rotary / Swivel allows 360 degree rotation. Enabling iPad to rotate in both portrait and landscape modes while in the case.

Quickly rotates to display your iPad in either portrait or landscape . Ideal for work, videos or playing games.

Maximum protection for your new iPad hard back. corners and full 360 degree coverage and protection.

Convenient Stand Position for easy typing and viewing movies. Convenient Cutouts provide full access to all features.

Made of high quality polyurethane leather with soft microfiber lining . Elastic band holds iPad closed securely.

Faux leather case with built in stand function. Three different viewing angles. Finished in a classic color.

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