Softel Atta Kneader from Groupon India at an Offer Price of Rs 2095


The best part about the Indian cooking are the soft round rotis that are tummy filling and rich in wheat. However, kneading the dough is a time-consuming task which almost eats up the joy of eating. Groupon India brings Softel Atta Kneader that’s a wonderful kitchen help on a daily basis. Its ergonomic space saving design helps prepare a variety of dough starting from Wheat, Maize, Bajra to even recipes such as Naan, Batura etc. in a matter of 30 seconds. Using 3-speed selection process, its powerful motor, free food-grade SS chopping blade and cord winder brings the benefit of neat chopping and storage. At an Offer Price of Rs 2095, it’s a must buy for your kitchen.

How to get this Atta Kneader at discounted price of Rs 2095?

  1. Click here to go to the Store Page.
  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

Softel Atta Kneater from Groupon India at an Offer Price of Rs 2095 This extremely easy-to-use and operate kitchen device of Softel Atta Kneader comes from Groupon India at a Saving Offer of Rs 500.

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Rs 2595
Rs 2095