Solid Polo T-shirts for Men at Rs 349 & 2 T-shirts for Rs 599


We at Dealstan understand how important is time for you. Thus we have come up with some priced solid polo t-shirts for men which you can pick in the most efficient and easy way. Shop while you at work, or at home busy with something. We give the best choices to choose from your polo t-shirt. An urgent necessity and need your requirement in just a few days but have no time to go shop. Come visit us and spare the minimum time with us and buy all that you need. Also known to give you prompt and on time delivery of your selection we make shopping fun and good experience for you from the collection at

How to buy solid Polo t-shirts:-

  • It is the most easy way to pick your solid Polo t-shirt here.
  • Make a choice from our vast selection.
  • Pick and proceed to billing gateway.

Some Recommendations :

Royal Blue solid T-shirt:- Rs.349



As named this t-shirt also has a royal look. Adorn yourself with this well fit and designed polo neck t-shirt and be ready for appraisals. This t-shirt can be worn for all occasions and gives you the desired look too.

Sunset Yellow polo neck mens t-shirt:- Rs.349



A very new and cool looking color for boys. The inside of the neck collar has black color on it thus adding to the look of your t-shirt. A very good and rare color combination that is a must have in your wardrobe. Can definitely suit anyone and everyone.

Petrol polo t-shirt with Navy outer collar band:- Rs.349


Cater to casual outings especially your weekends  with this petrol polo t-shirt. This short sleeve polo has the ZOVI logo embroidered on the left chest. This classic and trendy polo should definitely be your next choice.

Beet Red polo t-shirt with mustard inner collar band:- Rs.349



Gibe yourself the edgy with the masculine look with this new colored polo neck t-shirt. This is a t-shirt that goes with all seasons thus a t-shirt for every season. Born to be a stud, now be clothed as one.

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Rs 599