Sollatek Fridge Stab 280M Voltage Stabilizer at Flat 54% Off – Rs 879


Fluctuating voltage in refrigerators is not a small problem. Ignore it and face the hazards of your expensive fridge going for a toss. brings you the benefit of Sollatek Fridge-Stab-280M Voltage Stabilizer. A device that helps monitor and keep a track of the incoming supply. Should the voltage rise or drop, it automatically on its own corrects the output so that the voltage remains within the operating limits. Convenient to use, it has a red LED that serves as an indicator of the impending problem with the voltage input. On the contrary, the green LED ensures good voltage input. Of course, there is the on/off switch to power the unit. So dynamic is the Sollatek Fridge-Stab-280 M Voltage Stabilizer that its microprocessor control provides lightning protection, apart from protecting and stabilizing your fridge/freezer up to 280 Litre. This Voltage Stabilizer comes at Rs. 879 only.

How to get this Voltage Stabilizer at discounted price of Rs 879?

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Sollatek Fridge-Stab-280M Voltage Stabilizer aat Flat 54% Off - Rs 879

Get the benefit of optimum voltage for your refrigerator by investing in Sollatek Fridge-Stab-280M Voltage Stabilizer available at Flat 54% Off at Rs 879 only.

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Rs 879