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Buy Sony 32GB Memory Card from Ebay for Rs. 2,207. Never let space stop you from clicking a picture that could very well be your masterpiece!

How to buy Sony 32GB Memory Card SDHC Class 10 SD for Rs. 2,207:

Sony 32GB Memory Card

  1. Buy Sony 32GB Memory Card SDHC CLASS 10 SD from Ebay
  2. Click on BUY IT NOW
  3. No Ebay coupon code is applicable

Planning on a long holiday? Thinking of clicking a whole lot of pictures? Then this is a must buy! If you are a professional photographer, you would understand the importance of additional memory card. 32GB means a whole lot of space for hundreds of photos and many videos. So go on, capture great images – make a shortfilm, go crazy! Do all this without having to worry about space. Keep the Sony 32GB Memory Card handy. It could be a blessing at your most desperate hour! Sony 32GB Memory Card comes with 5 years warranty and upto 40MB/s transfer speed. Move files around within a blink. Its that fast! Product Description:

  • 32GB Capacity
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Up to 40 MB/s transfer speed with UHS-I interface
  • Class 10 (SD Speed Class), Class 1 (UHS Speed Class)
  • Free Software download (Memory Card File Rescue supporting 3D and AVCHD files & x-Pict Story for Memory Card)
  • High reliability with new Sony Memory Media feature

One Response to “SONY 32GB MEMORY CARD SDHC CLASS 10 SD For Rs 2,207”

  1. How could I take the memory card from the camera following it was inserted incorrectly plus won’t come out?????


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