Sony 3D Glasses TDG BR250 now for Rs.1,999

Shweta Anand

Snowflakes and rain that you can touch.. almost.. within the comfort of your homes! Gone are the days when people couldn’t afford to watch 3D movies… Times are changing! thanks to Sony Bravia, People now have 3D TVs at home and with 3D TVs comes the need for those magical glasses that make a giraffe come and eat out of your palm! We get you the best offer on Sony 3D Glasses TDG BR250 now for Rs. 1,999/-. Save up to 20% on this exclusive offer on a 100% original top brand product!

How to buy the Sony 3D Glasses TDG BR250 now for Rs.1,999?

Sony 3D Glasses TDG BR250
Buy Sony 3D Glasses TDG BR250 now for Rs.1,999 only at 
  1. Buy Sony 3D Glasses TDG BR250 now for Rs.1,999
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. Enter your account details / open a new account
  4. Checkout with a saver of 20% on your Brand new Sony 3D Glasses TDG BR250!

Imagine the delight on your kids’s face when Po the Panda rolls down the steps right into their laps! or when the humming bird spins around them!

Have a special occasion? Surprise your girlfriend with falling rose petals and fireworks right in living room!

See a whole new dimension of TV entertainment and with this offer you can buy a pair of these super comfortable Sony 3D Glasses TDG BR250 for your whole family!

Product Description:

  • Sony Active Shutter 3D Glasses for BRAVIA Full HD 3D TV (Black)
  • Model: TDG-BR250/B
  • See a whole new dimension of TV entertainment
  • Compatible with BRAVIA HX820, HX920, NX720 and EX720 series (model availability may vary per country)
  • Stunning 3D Viewing
  • Stylish Design
  • Active Shutter Technology
  • Quick and easy to recharge for a long viewing time using micro USB cable

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