Sony MDR-S40 headphones at Lowest Price Of Rs 1249 from


Now give your ears, a better relishing treat of music. For now brings the superb Sony MDR-40 headphones at the best affordable price. Loaded with 30mm dynamic driver unit that lets you enjoy the superior sound quality. The easily portable light-weight headphones, gives you the ease of carrying them round anywhere. You can easily fold them and slip them in your bags. The headphones have gold plated L-shaped stereo mini plug that gives you a comfortable fit on your head. The soft cushions of these headphones, make a soft padding on your ears and hence give a snug fit. Also loaded with other features like 101 dB/mW sensitivity, 24 Ohms impedance, 12-23000 Hz frequency response, the headphones are a must add-on to your music corner. Also the ferrite magnet and Y-shape 1.2 metres cable make give these headphones the best quality that they have.

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Sony MDR-S40 headphones at Lowest Price Of Rs 1249 from
Wait not to get the Sony headphones at the lowest price of Rs 1249/- only.

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Rs 1249