Sony Playstation 4 Best Offer at Flipkart – Buy PS4 Now!


Since the birth year of the Sony PlayStation there has been constant evolution to it in the form of improvements and technology. Sony PlayStation 4 is the next generation gaming console to the Sony PlayStation 3. A gaming system that has a fantastic graphic performance and hardware. Also the processor is of the latest technology that helps you run heavy loaded games with great ease and without any interruption. You will feel the experience with the sony playstation 4 best offer at flipkart in a much bigger, bolder and immersive way. Buy PS4 for the price of Rs.36999 from

How to avail for the Sony PlayStation 4 best offer at flipkart:-

  • Sony PlayStation 4 best offer at flipkart. Hurry to buy now.
  • Proceed to billing to make a safe and clear payment.
  • Buy PS4 and enjoy the real feeling of playing a game.


The most impactful and adavanced gaming consoler is none other than the Sony PlayStation 4 best offer at flipkart by Sony Computer Entertainment. This is the next generation gaming console. Buy PS4 that gives you the best ever way to unfold the power of playing. The main processor is a single chip custom processor. There were prebookings made for the PS4. With the big hit of its preceding playstations people blind foldly trust the PS4. And so with its introduction PS4 is also a favourite to everyone now.

When you buy PS4 you will have a gala time playing and enjoying it. The consoles of the Sony PlayStation 4 best offer at flipkart is half-matte and half-glossy finish. This is a very small and sleek model that can easily fit well into a small a space. Thus you not need to worry much on the placing of the PS4. The consoler is an easy attach and detach device from the body. One look at the PS4 and you know you’re seeing Sony hardware.

Product features:-

  1. AMD processor.
  2. Dimension of PS4 is 275 x 53 x 305 mm.
  3. It has 10 times more power than the PS3.
  4. Interactivity with other services available.
  5. Excellent performance.
  6. Dual Shock4 is good.
  7. 500 GB hard disk drive.

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Rs 36999