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Sonali Singh

If you are a pedantic music lover and go crazy listening songs all the time. Then you ought to get something that accompanies you all the time. Your phone does accompany you all the time ofcourse, but does it have those polyphonic sounds that sets your heart to thunder? Hope not. Well you need something that turns your each party, a tour, a trip, a trek, etc.  into a booming and buzzing bash. Something that can be brief cased along with you and you do not have to curb the music-mania in you. A stupendous launch from the giant Sony, is portable bluetooth speaker that comes to you at highly affordable price.

How to get Sony SRS-BTM8 portable speaker?

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Now parties are no more a worry and cumbersome task. Just slip the mobile speakers in your car, your bike or your vehicle or anything and enjoy music everywhere. Sony has come up with a new way of carrying your party anywhere you go with wireless Sony SRS-BTM8 Bluetooth speaker speaker. With a classy And stunning looks it is powerful And portable at the same time. You don’t need to stop to listening music whether you are inside or outside the house. It has been provided with a handle so as to enhance its portability and usability. Sony SRS-BTM8 portable speaker is very stylish speaker which supports Bluetooth And USB Connectivity. Sony SRS-BTM8 Bluetooth speaker offers Bluetooth Connectivity which can be paired with various devices.

Sony SRS-BTM8 portable speaker speakers can provide audio from our television, stereo, MP3 player, mobile, computer without the use of cords and wires. Sony SRS-BTM8 portable speaker has exclusive Design that is not just elegant; it also enhances the quality of sound as well. The speaker diameter is around 50mm. The device is built quite well with a blend of quality plastics in matte And piano gloss finish. The NFC technology employed in SONY SRS-BTM8 speaker uses short-range, low power wireless link evolved from radio-frequency identification (RFID) tech that transfer small amounts of data between two devices held a few centimeters from each other. With its new NFC feature you just need to tap on the speaker to switch on the speakers, And activate Bluetooth, pair with your phone.

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