Iball Marvello 2.1 Silver Black Speaker at Best Price Online | Rs 2599


Snapdeal strikes again. Buy a speaker at best price online. Get the I ball marvello 2.1 silver black speaker at best price online. It is available for just Rs.2599. Play loud music. Enjoy every moment of your life. Sway, dance and swing to your favorite songs. These speakers provide the best sound ever. A sound you would love to hear again and again.

How to buy the iball marvello 2.1 silver black speaker at best price online ?

  1. Go to iball marvello 2.1 silver black speaker.
  2. Click on Buy.
  3. Free delivery.
  4. Cash on delivery available.
  5. Dispatched in 1 business day.

Are you a music addict? Are you that crazy person who cannot go for a shower without music on? Do you love music playing in the background 24*7? Well, this speaker at best price online is the best choice. Iball is an upcoming brand in the music accesories industry. It has picked up pretty well in the past few years. Good quality sound. Perfect balance of Bass and treble. Efficient and energetic sound that kicks the tiredness out of you. Give your life an energy boost. Did you know people who listen to music constantly are much happier than those who dont? Listening to music uplifts your moods instantly.

Get the iball speaker at best price online. This speaker at best price online is just Rs.2199. You get to save almost Rs.1500. This speaker at best price online can be connected to your ipod or usb. Music can be continuously played. Ask for more? This speaker at best price online has a built in FM too.  Thus, perfect for all ages. Your mother can cook in the kitchen listening to the radio. You can get ready to office or school listening to music. Make music a part of your life. Life will sure be better. Get the iball speakers today. Hurry up.

Product Description:

  • Good sound quality with high volume.
  • Good Bass punch.
  • Can be played with any musical storage device Built in FM is an added feature.
  • Compact design and  nice color combination.

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