Spice Jet 3 day Re 1 Sale on Domestic Flight Tickets


SpiceJet has brought happiness on our faces yet again. Now book tickets at lowest price available. Even cheaper than bus or train. How is that even possible? We are shocked ourselves! Spicejet has repeatedly come with such bumper offers starting January. At first we thought this was some kinda April Fool’s Joke. But when we booked our flights to Goa roundtrip for just Rs 800 from Bangalore, we had to let you guys know. Spicejet has almost created a huge competition with offers as good as these. Once they do the others like Indigo, AirIndia do follow it.

How to make use of Spice Jet 3 Day Re 1 Sale?

  1. Go to this page.
  2. Select your journey date.
  3. Select your destination.
  4. Book tickets for real cheap!!!

Life is all about small packets of happiness, and spice jet is there to make sure that you enjoy such packages. Bored and stress at work? You need a holiday without burning a hole in your pocket! Grab a ticket from Spice jet and feel free.

One Response to “Spice Jet 3 day Re 1 Sale on Domestic Flight Tickets”

  1. Sudhkar Mehta

    I want air ticket booking so kindly sent me all spice


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