Sports azLINK 3.5mm Earphone jack and powerful driver at Rs 71 only


In this fast running life, every day is monotonous boring and dry. Work pressure, deadlines, targets just squeeze your brain. In this hectic routine a nice soothing ear pleasing music just gives relief and changes your mood, energies your soul and your performance. Grab Sports azLINK 3.5mm Earphone and make your day musical. Amazing Sports azLINK 3.5mm Earphone make your boring dull routine enthusiastic and delightful like your playlist. Tradus have amazing offer on Sports azLINK 3.5mm Earphone jack and powerful driver at just Rs.71 only. For all music lover who lure for good sound producing earphones Sports azLINK 3.5mm Earphone is nearly perfect for them. In just a click away grab exciting Sports azLINK 3.5mm Earphone and enjoy your favorite songlist whole day.


How to buy Sports azLINK 3.5mm Earphone jack and powerful driver at Rs 71 only:

  1. Buy Sports azLINK 3.5mm Earphone jack and powerful driver.
  2. Click on BUY NOW.
  3. Cash on Delivery.
  4. Delivery in 3-5 working days.
  5. Save upto 67%.

About Sports azLINK 3.5mm Earphone:

Enjoy your music and calls with one of the most high quality Handfree. Excellent sound quality and super clear sound you can answer your call immediately (very convenient while you are listening to your favorite music) once the call hang up, your favorite music will come up again automatically and you don’t need to touch anything.

  • Enriched sound and reliable quality in all aspects of their design.
  • Strong bass generated from powerful driver.
  • High rated power and great sensitivity response.
  • With one press you can answer your call immediately,means truly handsfree facility.
  • In-ear earphone with most competitive price.
  • Earphone Plug suit for all Audio Devices with 3.5 mm earphone jack.
  • Color is provided on the basis of availability from White and Blue.
  • Brand- azLINK.
  • Model No- Sports Earphone.
  • Type- 1.
  • Warranty- 6 Months Seller Warranty.
  • Product Weight (g)- 50.

About Tradus:

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